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Fall Fashion 2011: InStyle v. MyStyle

7 Sep September Fashion Mag Covers

Labor Day has come and gone. Time to pack away the eyelet and espadrilles and get ready for fall clothes. But as an almost-40-mom, InStyle isn’t always MyStyle. So here’s the fall fashion issue of Instyle v. MyStyle.

InStyle: Faux-Fur Vest … It’s cozy, it’s glamorous, you’ll wear it this fall

MyStyle: Fleece Vest … It’s cozy, it’s androgynous, you and your husband can match!

InStyle: Layering Style … Dress or skirt over pants

MyStyle: I can barely get one outfit on in the mornings – now you want me to wear two!

InStyle: The Tunic. What’s more forgiving or easier to pack?

MyStyle: The Tunic. What’s more likely to make you look pregnant?

InStyle: The Cape. They were always guaranteed to make drama.

MyStyle: The Cape. Great for Halloween. Does it have an “S” on the back?

InStyle: Boot season is here … which style will you shop for? Flat riding, tall stacked heels, slouchy suede

MyStyle: Boot season is here … which style will you shop for? Rubber rain boots, snow boots, hiking boots

InStyle: What’s your favorite French food?

MyStyle: Do French fries count?

InStyle: We’re loving … Rihanna’s white suit

MyStyle: I’m hoping … she has a Clorox pen

InStyle: Are sheer black or nude pantyhose an option again?

MyStyle: Are support hose an option (ever)? How about Spanx?

InStyle: What to wear for casual Friday

MyStyle: What about casual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday?

InStyle: Time Traveler …’80s … Take the best of it and don’t look back

MyStyle: Time Traveler … ‘80s … Take the Hammer pants and don’t look back

InStyle: Emerald. This gorgeous jewel tone will definitely add richness to your wardrobe

MyStyle: Great. I’ve always wanted to look like Kermit the Frog

InStyle: Does it really work? Neutorgena Rapid Wrinkle Repair night moisturizer

MyStyle: One word: No

InStyle: Missoni ZigZags into Target.

MyStyle: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Happy retail therapy everyone!


InStyle v. MyStyle

12 Jul

Yesterday I sat down and flipped through the July issue of InStyle, and I decided I would adjust the headlines to fit MyStyle. Here’s what I came up with … (Please note, these are actual headlines from this month’s InStyle):

InStyle: Rocker v. surfer … both are totally cool, but they appeal to very different personalities

MyStyle: Mom jeans v. jeggings … both are totally hideous, but appeal to very different personalities


InStyle: What would you snack on during an opera?

MyStyle: What would you snack on from your kid’s plate?


InStyle: Let there be neon

MyStyle: Only if it isn’t on my lower half


InStyle: (What to wear to a) wedding reception

MyStyle: (what to wear to a) playground in 95 degree weather and 100 percent humidity


InStyle: (What to wear to a) Sunday picnic

MyStyle: (what to wear to a) Sunday laundry marathon


InStyle: You can do the new prep

MyStyle: Why would I want to? I did the old prep


Instyle: Look cute at concerts

MyStyle: Look cute at “Day Out With Thomas”


InStyle: Supernatural style

MyStyle: Au Nat-ur-ale Style: How to go four days without washing your hair


InStyle: Show some skin … one time you’ll be happy to you have a hole in your shirt

MyStyle: I have a hole in my shirt? I never noticed


InStyle: Dream Weavers … wicker and raffia go far beyond the humble picnic basket

MyStyle: Picnic … won’t a used Target bag do?


InStyle: (Clothes for) Day into evening …

MyStyle: (Clothes for) Night into day … how to sleep in your clothes and then wear them for carpool

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