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Fall Fashion 2011: InStyle v. MyStyle

7 Sep September Fashion Mag Covers

Labor Day has come and gone. Time to pack away the eyelet and espadrilles and get ready for fall clothes. But as an almost-40-mom, InStyle isn’t always MyStyle. So here’s the fall fashion issue of Instyle v. MyStyle.

InStyle: Faux-Fur Vest … It’s cozy, it’s glamorous, you’ll wear it this fall

MyStyle: Fleece Vest … It’s cozy, it’s androgynous, you and your husband can match!

InStyle: Layering Style … Dress or skirt over pants

MyStyle: I can barely get one outfit on in the mornings – now you want me to wear two!

InStyle: The Tunic. What’s more forgiving or easier to pack?

MyStyle: The Tunic. What’s more likely to make you look pregnant?

InStyle: The Cape. They were always guaranteed to make drama.

MyStyle: The Cape. Great for Halloween. Does it have an “S” on the back?

InStyle: Boot season is here … which style will you shop for? Flat riding, tall stacked heels, slouchy suede

MyStyle: Boot season is here … which style will you shop for? Rubber rain boots, snow boots, hiking boots

InStyle: What’s your favorite French food?

MyStyle: Do French fries count?

InStyle: We’re loving … Rihanna’s white suit

MyStyle: I’m hoping … she has a Clorox pen

InStyle: Are sheer black or nude pantyhose an option again?

MyStyle: Are support hose an option (ever)? How about Spanx?

InStyle: What to wear for casual Friday

MyStyle: What about casual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday?

InStyle: Time Traveler …’80s … Take the best of it and don’t look back

MyStyle: Time Traveler … ‘80s … Take the Hammer pants and don’t look back

InStyle: Emerald. This gorgeous jewel tone will definitely add richness to your wardrobe

MyStyle: Great. I’ve always wanted to look like Kermit the Frog

InStyle: Does it really work? Neutorgena Rapid Wrinkle Repair night moisturizer

MyStyle: One word: No

InStyle: Missoni ZigZags into Target.

MyStyle: Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Happy retail therapy everyone!


How to Wear Yoga Pants Almost Anywhere

10 Aug

It’s no secret that yoga pants aren’t really for yoga.  It’s been at least five years since I have done yoga, yet I have a drawer full of yoga pants.

I wear yoga pants because it gives me carte blanche not to have washed my hair, applied makeup, put on earrings or even brushed my teeth.  I have been known to sleep in them, and not bother to change the next morning before leaving the house. Because all my yoga pants are black, they don’t show stains or soil, and can be worn for several days before washing (although the knees and butt often start to sag.)

By wearing yoga pants, you give the impression (to those who aren’t in the know) that you are going to exercise, so no one expects you to look good. However, all members of the not-so-secret sisterhood of yoga pants know that wearing exercise clothes does not necessarily mean you have any intention of exercising. It’s more likely to mean that you’re a busy mom without 15 minutes to spend getting dressed. And unlike other workout clothes such as running shorts, yoga pants are forgiving. They hide chubby legs, hairy legs, white legs, and desperately-in-need-of-lotion legs. That’s why they are a staple in the wardrobes of women in the 30+ category.

To learn more about why and where women wear yoga pants, I did an informal exit poll of moms dropping their kids off at my son’s preschool who were wearing yoga pants.

Here are the results:

Me: What are you up to this morning? Looks like you are headed to the gym? Poll Participant: No, I am going home to clean my house for the next three hours.

Me: So, you’ve started practicing yoga again? Poll Participant: Please tell me you are kidding. I’m going to Target and the grocery store.

Me: You’re in yoga pants too. Are you going to work out? Poll Participant: No, I hope to go home and take a nap.

Okay, so I only interviewed three people, but you get the picture.

Although yoga pants are currently at the bottom of the fashion food chain, I see a bright future for them — not unlike the ascent of denim. I think they will evolve and soon be accepted at most events besides weddings and funerals.

In the not so distant past, jeans were lowly attire – something manual laborers wore. Frank Sinatra boasted that he never owned a pair of jeans. In my high school and college days, my jeans were usually Levis and were for casual events. But now, we pay hundreds of dollars for jeans. Jeans that are woven on vintage looms … stitched by hand … designed to lengthen legs and lift derrières. We wear them to cocktail parties and fancy restaurants – even country clubs allow jeans. I had one friend comment that she spent more on jeans than church clothes because she wears them more often – good point.

So here are some thoughts on how to expand your yoga pant use:

yoga pants for a weekend brunchHow to wear yoga pants to the office: Try upgrading your yoga pants with a structured boyfriend blazer, fitted tank, ballet flats and bangle bracelets. Who knew you could look like you mean business and be so comfy!

How to wear yoga pants for cocktails: Glam up your favorite yoga pants by adding a sequin shell, kitten heels and vintage jewelry. You’re ready for a night on the town.

How to wear yoga pants for a weekend brunch: If you want to look casual, but polished, try an embellished tank with your yoga pants and metallic sandals. Finish the look with a delicate necklace and earrings.

How to wear yoga pants for girls’ night out: Pair your yogas with a billowy silk blouse – look for tops with pretty patterns or intricate necklines. Try brightly colored wedges for a leg-lengthening effect.

How to wear yoga pants for date night: Try a sheer blouse over lacey camisole for a subtly seductive look. Accessorize with stacked rings and peep-toe pumps. Your man will never know you are in your favorite, at-home pants!

So the next time you default to wearing yoga pants, just think, you could be a trend setter – a fashion forward It-Mom. But for now, I will settle for yoga pants as a go-to outfit on busy mornings. Maybe I even need a few more pairs.

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